The laws of success and failure in work and profession, companies and organizations, follow the same orders as the laws from the personal areas.

Business consulting of a different kind

Business consulting with the help of Original Hellinger® Family Constellation mainly refers to the relationships within the company and the profession. The success in our profession and in our companies depends to a large extent on them. Other areas that also play a role in this success, such as practical knowledge and skills, remain in the background.

This professional and business consultancy differs from purely technical business consultancy. Its scope and importance are unreservedly acknowledged by our consultancy, which is primarily focused on relations within companies, but in our understanding it needs to be supplemented in order to be able to achieve multidimensional success in the long term and without negative consequences.

The "10 commandments" for a good entrepreneur

First commandment: The entrepreneur offers something that serves others. The more they need it, the more important what the entrepreneur can offer becomes. 

Second commandment: An entrepreneur needs helpers. They must recruit employees and train and instruct them accordingly, so that they create what they have to offer in the best possible way and deliver it to the costumer. What the entrepreneur has to offer, must therefore be produced and sold in the broadest sense.

Third commandment: An entrepreneur must lead. They lead through their idea. They lead through the production. They lead through the sale and everything that is needed to do so.

Fourth commandment: An entrepreneur faces competition. Through competition they improve their product. 

Fifth commandment: The entrepreneur defends the company against interference and secures it accordingly. They remain self-confident and independent.

Sixth commandment: The entrepreneur knows that they depend on others with whom they have to collaborate. They know how to win and keep them.

Seventh commandment: The entrepreneur rejoices in their success, because their success makes them happy. If the entrepreneur is happy and shows it to others, their employees are happy, and with them their families.

Eighth commandment: An entrepreneur stands with many in a community of solidarity. They know that the happiness of many depends on their success. Therefore they increase it with the help of many to secure their livelihood, for many.

Ninth commandment: An entrepreneur hands over the business to a suitable successor at the right time. They leave them the scope they need to be successful. They remain the soul of their company. Their good spirit continues to work in them.

Tenth commandment: An entrepreneur leaves their business to the development it needs to take, even if it deviates from their ideas. They leave it to the current of time, which also passes over them, and look after it benevolently.