Bert Hellinger is the founder of Family Constellation.

He began his research on the representative phenomenon in 1978 and discovered the basic orders of life, which he called "Orders of Love". These form the basis of Family Constellation.

Including the female side through his wife Sophie, they researched and developed Family Constellation of that time more and more up to the present state, Original Hellinger® Family Constellation, which is offered today worldwide through the Hellinger®schule.
Since the death of Bert in September 2019, Sophie Hellinger has been responsible for being the caretaker and energetic motor for the continuation and development of his heritage. 


The new Original Hellinger® Family Constellation is an image-producing procedure in which people are placed in the space representing members of a family, a company or a product in order to read a dynamic from these related persons. The constellation serves the person to uncover the background of failure, illness, disorientation, addictions, aggression, longing for death and much more.

Family Constellation is useful wherever decisions are necessary, i.e. where there is an urgent need for action.


is benefitted by an Original Hellinger® Family Constellation?

in all kinds of conflict and problems

to maintain and improve the relationship; to be a good role model for children

for all kinds of problems: school problems, illness, aggressiveness, ADHD, addictions or bullying

in case of disease
to understand the background and dynamics of diseases and symptoms

in professions/work
in case of conflicts or failure as employee or independent professional

in business & management
for communication, hierarchy, decision-making and leadership


Original Hellinger® Family Constellation?

Everyone lives, privately and professionally, ALWAYS in relationships. The family is the basis for every human being. Whoever wants to find their right place and purpose in life must know the basic life principles  or"Orders of Love", which were discovered by Bert Hellinger, and integrate them into their lives. The Orders of Love are universal laws of life, independent of skin colour, culture and religion. They are the basis for the success in life on all levels.

Original Hellinger® Family Constellation leads to the realization that it is never too late for a happy life. For every person there is only one right place in the family, and that is their own place. Once you have found and taken this place, a new perspective opens up, which makes you capable of taking action.


does an Original Hellinger® Family Constellation offer?

Frequently, it is beliefs that we have inherited from our parents that keep us imprisoned. In the past, these were created in the subconscious and are now in our way. This prevents changes in behavior. In the Original Hellinger® Family Constellations our hidden beliefs come to light, can be questioned, released and overwritten. The decision whether you are ready to do so is up to you personally.


is Original Hellinger® Family Constellation about?

Family constellations are always about life and death, about being or not being. Anyone who has experienced the Original Hellinger® Family Constellation will notice that the inner movement inevitably always goes forward, i.e. towards life. Everybody knows that we have planned many things, but cannot implement them, because entanglements keep us from doing so. By releasing the old unconscious bonds, our focus is directed towards true love, care, mindfulness and respect and dreams become reality.

Original Hellinger® Family Constellation today is already applied in

  • politics,
  • large corporations, medium and small enterprises, individual companies,
  • business management
  • schools and universities
  • courts
  • hospitals
  • and naturally for all individual issues