Misfortune or failure, for example in interpersonal relationships or at work, is often caused by violations of the most important rules of life, which Bert Hellinger calls "orders".

We do not, of course, intentionally violate these regulations. Rather, while doing so, we feel innocent and good.

If we know these Orders of Life, we can consciously integrate them into our daily routine and act according to them. This is the first step in a direction that turns our view and our posture into something positive and that enables us to live an easier and happier life.

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Ordnungen der Liebe:
Überblick, wie die Liebe gelingt

Taschenbuch: 48 Seiten 
Verlag: Hellinger Publications (14. Dezember 2010) 
ISBN-13: 978-3000299773 
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Ordnungen des Erfolgs:
Erfolge im Leben und im Beruf

Taschenbuch: 136 Seiten 
Verlag: Hellinger Publications
(5. Januar 2011) 
ISBN-13: 978-3000293221  
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