The second basic principle of life, the order of precedence, demands that everyone in the family take their rightful place, which is theirs alone. This order of precedence is a hierarchical order.

That is, in the family there are some who are higher and come first, and others who are lower and come after them. The order of precedence is determined by the time of belonging. Those who were once a member of the family take precedence over those who came after them. Thus, the parents come before their children, the first-born child before the second, and so on. 

If a person who joined later elevates themselves above someone who was there before them, they violate this order of precedence. Everyone in the family has their own rightful place. Nobody can and must dispute that place, for example by elevating themselves above it or trying to displace them from their place.

The hierarchy is often violated in our culture because it is recklessly ignored by many with reference to personal freedom and the right to develop according to one's own ideas. The consequences of this violation are devastating. They determine success and failure and often life and death. And they show that this is a natural order, which no one can violate without serious consequences for themselves and others.

In Original Hellinger® Family Constellation, the violation of the hierarchy comes to light. Its restoration is the prerequisite for a successful and happy life.