Our body is permeated by the spirit. Everything that takes place in our body are movements of the spirit.
Bert Hellinger

Disease and Health

There are many false assertions, misunderstandings and different opinions about how diseases are related to family entanglements and how Family Constellations influence their healing. From the point of view of Sophie and Bert Hellinger, this is how things stand:


A family constellation does not cure disease. Disease is often an expression of inner entanglement, a disorder in the family system.

Original Hellinger® Family Constellations heal something in the soul. They bring things that were "dislocated" in the individual and in the family soul (in the system) back to the right place. With it something gets "into order". Through the order that has been created, it is possible that the disease becomes superfluous.

It is important to know that neither every disease is an expression of systemic disorder in the family, nor are such disorders the sole causes of disease. This is especially true of serious diseases such as cancer. Although such diseases are often accompanied by an entanglement, we cannot claim that the entanglement is the cause of the cancer, nor can we make the cancer disappear with a constellation. Again, it is extremely helpful and beneficial in many ways. To what extent it actually influences the course of the disease, we do not know. However, miracles happen by changing the inner images, and perhaps we can contribute a little bit with a constellation, so that the soul is ready for a miracle.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
(WHO, 1946)