Original Hellinger® Family Constellation according to Bert and Sophie Hellinger is not psychotherapy.

It is life assistance in its purest form and goes far beyond all psychotherapeutic methods. Original Hellinger® Family Constellation is applied today worldwide in the fields of health, law, education and business.

Until the turn of the millennium, Bert Hellinger was convinced that Family Constellation belonged mainly in the hands of therapists and doctors. After thousands of constellations, he and his wife Sophie came to the realization and conviction around the year 2000 that Family Constellation requires a completely new perspective and attitude towards life (posture) and cannot be compared to any previously known method. It is a new profession.

Original Hellinger® Family Constellation is neither a technique nor a method. Learning and then practicing is not enough. You have to experience it yourself.

Our training, the diploma course, is a an officially recognized training and educational measure for adults by the government of Upper Bavaria.

Feedback from a graduate of our training:
Dear ..., I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work and attention. My diploma has arrived. Hellinger Family Constellation changed my life in every way and I am deeply grateful to Bert and Sophie Hellinger and the training teachers for their love and professionalism. I hope to return to Germany soon and keep in touch with the source.
Many Thanks. A hug with all of my love.
Maria N.


For whom is the diploma course suitable?

With this diploma course we address people who want to use systemic knowledge and tools of constellation work professionally and for their own psychohygiene, e.g. psychological counsellor or life and social counsellor, psychologist, psychotherapist, counselling professions, trainer, executive, family therapist, project manager, coach. Anyone with a certain amount of life experience, empathy, motivation and stamina, and who feels the urge to help others, is welcome to join us.

Which requirements have to be observed?

The participation in at least one seminar of the Hellinger®schule

  • Personal maturity and life experience
  • At least five years of professional experience

What skills do students acquire by attending the diploma course?

  • You will learn to develop a certain posture necessary for standing up and to use it. Without this posture, whose principles are easy to remember but very difficult to implement and maintain, constellations quickly become a theatre play.
  • You will be able to work out issues together with your clients, employees and colleagues while observing ethical principles.
  • You are able to perform constellations in different degrees of abstraction and formats, and plan the integration into everyday life together with the people who bring up the issues.
  • You are familiar with a special technique of constellation work in order to work through even "delicate" topics.
  • You can use methods of constellation work for yourself in the sense of self-care with stress-reducing effects.

On which methodological approaches is the diploma course based?

Bert and Sophie Hellinger have developed Original Hellinger® Family Constellation from different directions/approaches: Psychoanalysis, group dynamics, script analysis, family therapy, primal scream according to Janov, hypnotherapy, NLP, Cosmic Power®, breathing therapy etc.

In Family Constellation, the basic laws of life, "The Orders of Love", as discovered by Bert Hellinger, are revealed. These basic principles of life find their expression everywhere, from the smallest to the largest scale. From the baby to the adult, from the smallest business to the global corporation. These basic laws of life, whether known or unknown, control success or failure in every respect.  

All constellation work and all its manifestations, which are currently offered worldwide, are based on the discoveries of Bert and Sophie Hellinger. They are the creators and source of all applications of Original Hellinger® Family Constellation.  

The learning processes are supported by the following methods: 

  • Educational Talks
  • Live constellations 
  • Constellation examples from practice 
  • Simulation Exercises 
  • Practice with own issues
  • Learning through and from personal experience, discovery and interpretation
  • Partner, group and individual work
  • Sharing (feedback rounds in the constellation context) 
  • Self-experience 
  • Confidential personal feedback rounds 
  • Circular work (reflection)
  • Meditations
  • Trance exercises
  • Anchor setting
  • Dream solution
  • Discussions 
  • Body Language Reflection
  • Group dynamic processes
  • The Phenomenological View
  • Talent Search

What areas of activity open to an Original Hellinger® Family Constellator?

As additional qualification and competence extension for consulting, coaching, supervision, mediation, in individual and group settings, extension of leadership competence.
In the fields of education, health, systemic law, business & management, product testing, decision making, personality development. Utilizing your own known and unknown resources.

How high are the course fees?

The course fee includes all course materials as well as the examination fees, but not accommodation and meals during the seminar days. The individual Modules cost 800 Euros each (as of 12/2019).

How much time is required?

There are 18 Modules of several days (mostly from Thursday to Sunday) to be completed. In order to enable the own soul to deal with the learned knowledge, breaks of several weeks, sometimes of several months, are necessary between the Modules. Therefore, experience shows that a total training period of at least 3 years can be expected.

Can constellation be applied to all social systems?

Yes, it can be used for family and professional systems and to map the structure of these social systems - i.e. for organizations, institutions, companies, associations and much more.

Which teachers give the training?

Under the direction and at the side of Mrs. Sophie Hellinger, a large teaching staff guarantees a high quality training. 

What is Constellation work?

Constellation work is one of the most efficient methods in holistic counselling and has been used for over 35 years, initially only for families, but now also for companies and organizations, in health care, in the legal system and also in the field of education.

In systems different forces are at work, which influence the behavior of each individual member. Each system is also subject to certain principles which secure the limits of a system and provide stability. If these principles (basic principles of order) are disregarded for a long time, this leads to difficulties in the system. The aim of constellations is to visualize forces and obstructive patterns and make them tangible with the focus on the questions:

  • What could support the system? 
  • What resources are available? 
  • Which changes are possible? 

In a structured interplay between theoretical input with strong practical relevance, demonstration, own practice and subsequent reflection, students are prepared to facilitate constellations effectively and in a helpful way, "without side effects". 

Since the 1970s, constellation work in a counselling and therapeutic context has occupied a special place in German-speaking and international countries. We find its roots in the family sculpture after Virgina Satir as well as in the psychodrama of Jacob Moreno. Both methods were further developed by Bert Hellinger, later supported by his wife Sophie, and at the beginning of the 21st century the Original Hellinger® Family Constellation was able to establish itself.

Constellations with teams and for organizations are now often used to clarify complex issues and for some years now there have also been body constellations in the health sector which have proven to be very effective.

In family as well as professional systems different forces are at work, which influence the behavior of each individual member. A systemic-constructivist approach for the benefit of the client is therefore in the foreground. Constellation work requires a deep understanding of the needs and behavior of individual system members. It supports in finding one's own position in the system, contributes to increased role awareness and resource expansion. In the best case, after a constellation, clients may be able to understand and manage the system on the basis of new insights, and it having found a sense of purpose.