Hellinger® Education describes and deals with the various challenges in a pedagogical context.

It covers the areas

  • Group and school pedagogy
  • Helping, caring and controlling offers from state-funded institutions
  • accompanying adult education in the form of parental work and adult education.


Specifically, with the help of constellations, we get answers to the following questions:

  • What do children basically need in order to develop?
  • How do I help with child development phases, patterns of perception and experiences.
  • How does "learning" succeed in the context of constellation work?
  • How to deal with traumatic experiences in children and adolescents. 
  • What support can constellation work provide here?
  • Abandoned children: How does the balancing recognition of the physical and social parents/helpers succeed?
  • How can teachers and helpers heal their own wounds with the help of constellations, so that these do not (any longer) interfere with their work? A teacher, for example, always carries their personal history with them into the classroom. It influences many aspects of the person and their teaching ability. If the teacher's life is obstructed by unresolved conflicts, this considerably restricts the education and knowledge transfer in the classroom.

Hellinger® Education offers teachers and educators the opportunity to solve "issues and problems" first as a person and then as education professionals. The development of a "systemic compassion" enables a situation-appropriate handling of the concerns of the children and adults close to them.


Application of Hellinger® Education at CUDEC


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