Wonders and movement versus success and career

Sport, exercise and ambition can change and even prolong life.


Because sport requires presence, discipline and stamina.

To succeed and have a career, presence, discipline and ambition are the foundations number one.

Because only those who live in the moment of presence are free from the past, and that means at the same time that the old burdens do not weaken and steer us.

And not only that: the mind also becomes stronger.

Discipline and perseverance are character strengths that require a certain steadfastness.

This also enables us to gain an overview of the overall situation more quickly so that we can grasp the interrelationships more effectively and act and react accordingly.

The brain is activated differently through presence and discipline.

Presence, discipline and stamina are the best prerequisites for programming ourselves towards success and career.

Many people are consciously or even unconsciously seized by these character traits.

This is proven by studies which show that only 14 percent of the German population gets enough exercise.

You could say that 14 percent is already quite a lot.

They are constantly striving for more strength and self-optimization and cannot get enough of the exercise.

We can also observe that these people are constantly striving for more, bigger, better and more successful.

That means: more performance, more success, a bigger car, a bigger house, more money, better clothes, a better body, more beauty, more youthfulness.

They want to be better than everyone else.

They want to prove it.

That's why the trend towards branded products is constantly increasing, even among children.

The i-Phone and Supreme clothes are just an example.

They want to stand out, be better and belong to a certain group.

To which group?

The best.

Because they want to be recognized and respected.

By whom?

By their peers.

Where does this enormous ambition and energy in some come from, and why do others sink into lethargy?

This group is controlled by a secret, underlying, hidden dynamic that most people know nothing about.

Hidden, underlying forces control and drive them.

They want to prove it to themselves and the others, and they want to prove it completely.

Who are the others? 

What is meant by the others?

With the ambitious and energetic people there is an inner, secret love and connection to the others, to the ancestors who were there before them, who are still excluded from the system to this day.

And it is precisely these they must represent, in order to thereby reintegrate these excluded ancestors into the field of the family.

Because the family does not tolerate exclusion.

Those driven by ambition know nothing of the fact that they must act in their function as representatives of the excluded persons in the same way as the ancestor did.

Most of the time it is a matter of going their own way.

To be different from the rest of the family.

They want to prove to the system in retrospect that the exclusion was unjustified at the time and that the system has lost something as a result.

That they were good, but different.

They deviated from the family's standards.

This explains this tremendous drive, motivation and discipline.

They are at the service of the whole family system.

We know only too well that everyone wants to be beautiful, healthy, rich, successful and happy.

But only a small group can do it.

For many it is a straw fire, and from the fire remains only the ashes.

As already mentioned: keeping the body in top shape is a possible motivation, but this strong incentive to demonstrate their masculinity and beauty is by no means the true background.

They want to stand out and are prepared to neglect their current family as a result.

In my experience, this assumption is far too superficial and short-sighted for this effort.

Some people claim that it is an ego trip. 

In my opinion, they are being wronged.

One only needs to look behind the scenes and we are proven wrong.

Most of them are very sensitive people.

They're driven by a blind, hidden love. They're willing to sacrifice themselves now.

At the interface between pleasure and performance there is also a not insignificant risk.

This is a risk they are constantly accepting.


Because they are not free.

Furthermore, they overlook the fact that competition with themselves and with others can lead to a less than good result.


Because anything we exaggerate can very quickly take a turn for the worse.

Instead of winningthere is loss.

And that means exclusion and defeat.

They repeat the fate of these family members, most of whom they do not know.

Where does this dynamic come from?

As was mentioned before: from the family system.

Thus we can see that there are no excuses for a competitive athlete and for a boss. No lake is too cold for them and no distance too long. 

They have only changed the levels, the conditions, the situation.

Who are they doing it for?

  • The superficial answer is: for themselves.
  • The deeper answer is: for themselves and their family.
  • But the real answer is: They have to prove that they have the right to belong to their family system.

With the hidden desire:

“I have the right to belong.”

This belonging is perceived as a security for their own survival.

Any exclusion is perceived as a death sentence.

The inner dialogue leads to this statement.

"I'll do anything for you, even if it costs me my life."

But whoever sufficiently knows the background of Familienstellen and the "Orders of Love" and has dealt with these system-relevant phenomena, will soon realize that the same thing is repeated from generation to generation again and again.

In spite of the best intentions and the great love on the part of the fighter, the entanglement with their ancestors will not be solved by this, even the exact opposite is achieved.

Furthermore, we can observe that sometimes the next generation is spared.

But in the generation after next, the system or the family soul strikes again.

A descendant, namely the one who has the greatest love in themselves, is taken into service.

Through their behavior they constantly challenge the system anew and are often excluded again.

Just like the person before, whom they have to represent in their life.

In their activity in excess, which can even bring them death, they want to prove how good they are, so that the ancestor is accepted back into the system.

That is why it is not seldom that over-stimulation, excess, occurs. And the premature, completely unexpected death, coming from nowhere, so to speak, is repeated.

It is often completely inexplicable to all of us that so-called healthy exercise, whether in the water or on land, becomes so dangerous for some.

Although health training for the heart, circulation, muscles, joints and blood circulation has been carried out before, the guarantee for health, life and success still failed to materialize.

No, early death was repeated.

Triathlon athletes, for example.

They regularly train their bodies professionally hard with swimming, running and cycling.

Their cardiovascular system is used to such stress.

How can it still come to a "Swimming Induces Pulmonary Edema" - briefly called SIPE-Syndrome - , i.e. a diver pulmonary edema?

We know that a spread-out lung is the size of a football field.

And controlled breathing in combination with healthy exercise can lead to a threefold increase in lung volume and also become a kind of life insurance.

The result is that it is possible to absorb up to 15 litres of oxygen in the lungs.

Particularly in ice-cold water, there is a risk that the blood will increasingly withdraw from the extremities to the centre of the body. This increases the pressure on the lungs.

What actually withdraws energetically?

The juice of life, the blood.

The lungs stand for the storage of trauma, pain and loss.

The result is called: sadness.

Whether this stored information is consciously or unconsciously or whether it has already been adopted is not important in this secret mourning.

The lungs are naturally weakened in a person who has suffered much.

The athlete struggles vicariously with the yielding water, which in the end turns out to be the winner for some entangled persons.

The secret dynamic of victim and perpetrator thus remains hidden and in the family system.

A later one pays for an ancestor, sometimes even with their lives.

No one who is not familiar with Familienstellen would come up with these connections.

It is obvious that competitive athletes overtax their hearts all too often.

Häufig ist Sport und übermäßiges Arbeiten ein Ausgleich und Ablenkung für das, was im Leben nicht so gut läuft.

Das hat häufig mit Verlustängsten zu tun, sei es in der Beziehung oder in anderen Bereichen.

Respiratory training, especially Cosmic Power, is a very special training that builds up a dynamic in the subconscious to dissolve traumatic stored fears.

Therefore, breathing training pays off for every professional athlete.

And not only for them, but especially for all people who want to live their own lives without entanglements.

And for people who do not always have to perform actions they regret afterwards.

Through a profound Cosmic Power Breathing Training, we are able to enter into an experiential level with our unconscious fears that have been waiting for a long time for their resolution.

It is important to remember that in every human being body, mind and soul constantly interact and form an inseparable unit.

Those who have already experienced a lot of pressure and pain, the lungs defend themselves.

This means that it can no longer cope with extreme stress and lung diseases are on the rise, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

In my experience there is no more effective breathing and consciousness training than Cosmic Power.

Many results and proofs allow the conclusion how vital the targeted Cosmic Power breathing training can promote, support and lead us further.

Cosmic Power can even save lives under certain circumstances.

Cosmic Power sets very specific guidelines that must be followed. And these are discipline, perseverance and ambition.

Many athletes and leaders already benefit from this.

By practicing Cosmic Power, not only are the organs and the entire thorax strengthened, but incidentally, as if in passing, a unique, previously unknown consciousness process takes place which reveals our entanglements and can free us from them through disciplined training.

Therefore, a targeted Cosmic Power Breathing Training is help and support and beneficial to heal emotions that have left their deep traces from the past.