The successful person - Business - Sport – Success

I have made an exciting observation for myself.

People in leadership positions often expose themselves to hard training.

Some even practice extreme sports.

Of course, anyone who does that to himself proves

  • iron will,
  • discipline,
  • fitness,
  • and ambition.

With these skills, they are a role model for others and able to hold a leadership position.

They are steps on the career ladder.

Of course, these aforementioned conditions do not only apply to competition in sport, but also have their validity and their effects in private and personal relationships.

Under the above-mentioned circumstances, private life must take second place.

It is not difficult to see how quickly success, whether in sport or at work, can become a drug.

For winners, weakness and illness are equivalent to defeat.

The focus is and remains on success on several levels.

That is their drive, their motor.

Competitive thinking dominates and the intervals are getting shorter and shorter.

There must not be any standstill at work or in sports activities.

Because life is always moving forward and in our age it is moving faster than ever.

One gets into a so-called "flow", which floods all areas of life and does not allow any exit.

Why not?

Because the body releases endorphins, happiness hormones, which lead to an absolute high feeling.

The effect is equivalent to a drug.

These people are like intoxicated.

They feel good.

They feel better.

They feel young.

They feel fit.

They stand out from the crowd.

They are well-trained and therefore belong to a very specific field.

It is the field of success, power, strength and self-confidence.

They just want to be winners.

This gives them a special aura, makes them more attractive, more appealing, more open, more generous and more present.

The result is a fit body and a fit mind.

This affects the whole body, metabolism, immune system and hormone release.

Being a winner is no one-day affair.

It requires a foundation, a focus and action.

These roots lead to family.

If everyone stands and stays in their place, success is unstoppable and the winner is born and pushed forward by the whole field.

There is no single winner.

Behind them, there is always the whole system.

Only a winner who remains humble and in service can maintain their position.