Where does this movement in the representatives come from?

The question is, where does it also come from in the constellation facilitator and those who are also seized by it?

It comes from a spiritual dimension, which seizes us from the outside in our innermost being. The resonance triggered in us is irresistible and active in a helping way. It seizes us personally and at the same time all those with whom we are and must be connected. It connects us with those from whom we were separated, in whatever way. This means: it is a movement of love. It is the movement of a comprehensive love. It is a creative movement that puts something in order that was in disorder. The only condition is that we allow ourselves to be taken over by it without our own wishes and intentions, taken over by it completely. This means: we become open for it and small before it.

Through the movements of the representatives in a constellation and the results to which they lead, both the person's own disorder and that of their family come to light, leading to problems and illness. As well as those orders which must be observed and restored. All these orders are Orders of Love and they form the basis of life.

Therefore, everything is in tune with the client. Even if sometimes at first sight a solution that is not suitable for the client - or even no solution at all - appears, the system is nevertheless already balanced or on the way to becoming balanced. The most important thing is that the client allows and is ready for the solution, health or success.

If this is the case, the client's life will improve enormously. This is not an assumption, but an experience that has already led to thousands of clients in the last decades, who have since lived with more freedom, happiness, health and success than before.