Your path to awakening the subconscious

Immerse yourself in the world of Cosmic Power® Meditation and discover the secret of how you can achieve inner peace, balance and new vitality. Whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, our style of meditation offers you a unique opportunity to transform your life to express all the positive within you.

Are you ready to de-stress, quiet your mind, sharpen your perception, and experience and induce deep relaxation and connection with your subconscious? Then you are exactly right with us! Cosmic Power® Meditation is a gentle yet powerful way to unleash your mind's true potential and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

The benefits of our guided meditation are:

Stress Relief

Learn in minutes how to release stress and tension to live a more serene life.

Inner Peace

Experience how your mind calms down, negative thoughts and emotions become a thing of the past and inner peace leads to clarity

Improved Concentration

A stronger focus and mindfulness help to be more successful and productive in all areas of life.

Emotional Balance

Emotional turbulence balances out. The result is a more harmonious, balanced life.

Strengthened Self-confidence

Healthy self-confidence strengthens your self-image. This in turn enables dreams and goals to be realized.

Increased Vitality

Regular meditation is a powerful source of energy. This improves physical and mental health.

Cosmic Power® Meditation Meditation is suitable for people of all ages and cultures. Step by step you immerse yourself in a meditative state of emptiness and stillness. The result is relaxation and inner healing.

No matter where you are in your life right now, this kind of very specific breathing technique and meditation can help you to clear your mind, strengthen your intuition, so that the transformed power of your soul will surprise you. In a short time you will notice positive changes in your life.

Do you want to give yourself the most valuable gift?

Then give yourself this valuable break and invest in your well-being by meditating regularly. Join our worldwide, international community of meditators. In a field of like-minded people it is much easier to gain new insights about yourself and others and share your experiences, insights and progress with like-minded people.

Let the Cosmic Power Meditation become an integral part of your life and you will soon realize that you have everything, your full potential, within you. You just have to awaken it.

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