The seven-part Cosmic Power® program allows for intensive learning of techniques from introduction to course instruction.

However, participants can also attend individual sections to increase their well-being, joy of life, and emotional balance.


Accompanying the Cosmic Power® courses, the Hellingerschule offers the opportunity to participate in free meditations and Q&A sessions led by experienced course instructors.

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Monday und Thursday 8.00 pm 

Question and answer session

every second Wednesday (2nd + 4th Week) 8.00 pm


Participation online via Zoom

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In these two-hour events, you will receive an introduction to the transformative energy of Cosmic Power® and learn how to use this method to unlock your inner resources and achieve your life goals.

Course content:

Sophie Hellinger and our globally active Cosmic Power® instructors trained personally by Sophie Hellinger will explain what Cosmic Power® is and the benefits of applying this method for your health, well-being, and personal development. You will learn the fundamental principles of Cosmic Power® and how to apply them in your daily life.

During the Cosmic Power® introductory seminars, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and deepen your knowledge.

We invite you to get to know us and discover the power of Cosmic Power®.

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No prerequisites for participation


Cosmic Power® offers solutions to countless questions in life and is accessible to everyone. It leads to ease, joy, and happiness in one's own life. Cosmic Power® is a path of self-determination, where your power is unleashed and your life potential fully realized, allowing for a new reality of being to emerge."

Advanced Course 1 

In Advanced Course 1, Sophie Hellinger will continue to guide you and show you the way. You will learn about your energy centers and discover how to use what you have learned so far to benefit your health

Course content:

  • Cosmic Power® areas of application and possibilities
  • Cosmic Power® and consciousness
  • Universe and my body
  • Self-discipline
  • Self-worth, self-assessment, self-presentation
  • Perception and self-perception
  • Listening to the body and learning to let it speak
  • Emotions and traumas
  • Perceiving unconscious blockages in the body
  • Listening to the inner voice
  • Air, breathing and conscious breathing
  • Smiling
  • Soft, extended gaze
  • Physical and internal alignment, posture
  • Internal decision
  • Meditation
  • Questions and answers

No prerequisite for participation

Course content:

  • Review of the Basic Course (breathing, meditation, self-discipline, internal decision-making)
  • Physical exercises
  • Self-determination
  • Energy centers in the body
  • Energy center locations and colors
  • Energy center - organ and gland assignments
  • Fingerprints
  • Learning to touch energy centers
  • Finding your center
  • Activating energy centers
  • Questions and answers.

Participation requirement: Basic Course

Advanced course 2

Sophie Hellinger takes you even further and deeper with Cosmic Power®. This enables you to recognize and awaken your inner strength and abundance. So you can sharpen your senses.

Advanced course 3


In this advanced course, Sophie Hellinger shows you how to consciously live, make decisions, and create new realities with newly acquired knowledge and attitude. To be a truly human being.

Course content:

  • Review of Advanced Course 1 (Energy centers, location, color, organ association)
  • Physical exercises
  • Self-development
  • Function of energy centers
  • Function of glands
  • Nervous system
  • Stress
  • Connections and interplay of organs
  • Scientific data and facts
  • Human brain
  • Bio-electromagnetic field
  • Increase in energy activity
  • Questions and answers

Prerequisite for participation: Advanced Course 1

Course content:

  • Review of Advanced Course 2 (Function of energy centers, nervous system)
  • Physical exercises
  • Self-empowerment, personal responsibility
  • Intention
  • Conscious living
  • Power of my hands
  • Increase in energy activity
  • Laying on of hands for self-healing
  • Laying on of hands for another family member

Prerequisite for participation: Advanced Course 2


The Cosmic Power® presence seminars offer an intensive and personal experience that accompanies participants on their journey to becoming course instructors. Under the personal guidance of Sophie Hellinger, these seminars are offered exclusively in a face-to-face format to ensure optimal activation of the energy centers.

During the presence seminars, the focus is on sensitizing perception, teaching diagnostic knowledge, and laying on of hands for other participants as well as friends and family members. Participants are given the opportunity to deepen their perception through targeted exercises and to exchange experiences and sensations with other aspiring course instructors.

The experiences and knowledge gained during the Cosmic Power® presence seminars, which take place under the personal guidance of Sophie Hellinger, serve as a solid foundation for later work as a Cosmic Power® course instructor.