Health and Disease

Orders and disorders in the family system are transmitted through the body of all members of the family. They play an important role in diseases and physical, emotional and mental health.



The body symptoms often look at one or more excluded persons or tragedies that have happened before in the family. Often these forgotten persons or these events are embodied anew in the form of physical symptoms.

It is all too understandable that we behave towards the diseases in the same way as the family has behaved towards such persons. They want to get rid of them, they don't want to remember the tragedy and we want to get rid of the disease as soon as possible. So we go into the same inner movement of exclusion with which a family wanted to get rid of a person.


The healing movement is exactly the opposite. We take the disease, the pain or the disability into our own soul and listen to what it wants to tell us. With it we take the event and the person in question into our soul at the same time.

The knowledge of these connections is extremely effective and helpful. Frequently, after this healing movement, the disease is no longer necessary.