A large part of the seminars we offer are training seminars. They are called "Modules".

These training seminars have different focuses. For example "Our Mother", "Our Father", "Couples and Parenthood" etc., these are, with one exception, open to everyone.

Whoever feels addressed by a topic is welcome to attend the corresponding course.

We also offer

  • Constellation Seminars,
  • Live Seminars,
  • Practice Seminars and
  • Lectures.

All seminars of the Hellinger®schule in Germany and worldwide can be found on our

Seminar List

Constellation Seminars

Our offer to all who want to get to know the Original Hellinger® Family Constellation. And for people who would like to present and set up a concrete issue.

In the Constellation Seminars, the issues of the participants are set up. Theoretical explanations are limited to an absolutely necessary extent. Guided meditations and group exercises complete the program, so that everyone present gets exactly what they can process at the moment. Constellation Seminars are open to all interested parties and without participation requirements.

Live Seminars


These are open-topic courses, the sequence and topics of which are determined by the issues and the fields generated by the participants. These courses are especially popular and effective with Sophie Hellinger.

Live Seminars are accessible to all interested parties and without any participation requirements.



They are a course offer with which we want to make Original Hellinger® Family Constellation known to a larger audience. They are about 2 hours long and are offered for a small fee.

Practice Seminars

This is the only seminar category exclusively reserved for our students. Here they receive the skills for an Original Hellinger® Family Constellator through practical exercises in a protected environment.