Bert and Sophie Hellinger explain the constellation work

In Family Constellation, as we practice it, we choose a representative for the person who wants to clarify something for themselves. For example, the person wants to clarify the background of an illness, the difficulties in the couple's relationship, or what stands in the way of their success in life.


The representative only needs to know little or nothing about what the person's issue is. It turns out that as soon as the representative is set up, when they are centered, they come into contact with another spiritual world. From there they receive precise information. The representative does not need to know anything. There is no need for them to worry, nor should they worry about what is awaiting them. They only need to let themselves be seized in a centered way by a movement that overcomes them. They should also neither think nor interpret. They are moved, so to speak, without being able to resist this movement. Or they may turn around and look in a certain direction.

When the representative looks at the floor, the constellation facilitator chooses a second person and asks them to lie down on the floor with their backs to this representative. From experience, the constellation facilitator knows that when a representative looks down, they often look at a dead person. The facilitator knows even more. The person for whom this representative stands is drawn towards a dead person.

This way, in a short period of time, it will come to light what the person's issue is.  It is a matter of life and death.  When the first representative has turned away and is looking in a certain direction, the constellation facilitator chooses another representative and places them where the gaze of the first representative is going.  No one knows who this other person represents, just as no one knows who the person on the floor represents.  Nevertheless, they are seized by a movement that captures them.  In this way, a constellation develops step by step.  The person in question is also captured by a movement. For example, they cry.  Or the person enters the constellation themselves and lies down next to the person lying on the floor. 

Nevertheless, not a single word is usually spoken. Everything happens as if guided by a foreign hand. At the same time, the observers who are present at the constellation, who are watching closely, are also captured by similar feelings. They suddenly realize that what is happening before their eyes has something to do with them. They are in resonance, reflecting their own problem in a quantum way and at the same time giving impulses for a solution.