Dear friends, 

Bert Hellinger, like everything else, chose his date of death wisely.
How could it be otherwise? 

His departure on this particular day, September 19, 2019, was no coincidence.

The number 9 in numerology means the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

  • It is associated with altruism, fraternity and spirituality.

  • It indicates the full realization of a man, with all his wishes and with all his fulfilled wishes.

  • Such a man is able to devote himself to universal love - unconditionally to all and everything. 


The same applies here: 

Everything is beginning 
The end is beginning




What does Bert's death mean for us?
Has he left us?

No, he is still in the same field with us. Therefore, this year's International Hellinger Days were carried by a special spirit and deep connection. The Training Camps have always been close to Bert Hellinger's heart, they carry his name and will continue to do so.

Bert has taken us all on a journey with his insights and his thoughts. He gave us everything, and we were allowed to take everything from him. He remains our spiritual father and guide. In many ways he has changed, enriched and promoted the life of everyone who surrendered to the work. We can never balance what he has given us. But we can keep it in our heart, carry it into the world and pass it on to others. In this way, each of us can become an heir to Bert Hellinger, a Hellingerian, so to speak. Everyone can continue to be and remain connected to Bert Hellinger even after his death.

He handed over to me the enormous task and left it to me to continue his mission and his work. I now stand before this task in deep humility and am well aware of the great responsibility. I assure you that I will continue to give my best in his spirit.

Always at your service