Money and Prosperity

Money is a spiritual thing. Money is life. Without money nobody can survive in our society. Money enables us to stay alive.


The worry about money, especially the lack of it and the associated fears about security, about the workplace, about business, all this determines the everyday life of many people. There is often a disproportionate amount of money that one is entitled to, according to one's own feelings, possibly from inheritances or services rendered that are not adequately compensated.


In a constellation it is shown that each one of us is entitled to a fulfilled life and only you yourself prevent yourself from receiving this abundance. Patterns that lead to deficiency in dealing with money are revealed and transformed in order to achieve the joy of wealth in the future.

How do we earn our money?

We earn it by accomplishing something. Money is the reward for something that gives us and others the means to stay alive. This money serves our existence. If someone works hard for us and we benefit from their work, we must reward them accordingly. Only if we pay them accordingly can we keep what they have worked for us.

What happens if someone demands more than their performance was worth?

Will they keep their jobs or lose them? What have they gained if they demand more than their performance was worth?

Conversely, if someone says, "A low wage is enough for me, I don't need that much." What happens to their performance? Is it recognized by them? Will it be recognized by others? Can they extend it and gain additional customers? Or is their performance less in demand because they reduce it by demanding less than it is worth?

It depends on the proper balance of giving and taking. The reward with which we pay someone appropriately for what they have done for us motivates them to continue to serve us in the future. The balance and compensation of giving and taking carry and sustain a relationship. Where the balance is missing, we lose something.