Couple relationship and counseling

Both partners suffer, although they love each other. They look for solutions with the conviction: "If we only try hard enough, we will succeed in finding a solution".

These crises have their roots elsewhere, their appeals to mutual good will and all efforts usually remain unsuccessful. 

It often turns out that one of the partners wants to leave because he or she shares the fate of an outcast, forgotten or dead person in the family of origin. Sometimes one of them wants to leave for another, so that the latter can stay. Sometimes the bond with a former partner also interferes with the new relationship, especially if one became guilty towards them or if he/she died before a certain couple "task" was mastered or the farewell was not successful.



When a couple comes together, it's not just a man and woman. The systems of two families, each with their own history, destinies, burdens, with different strengths and weaknesses, norms and values, come together.

Difficulties arise because each of the partners believes only the world view of their family to be true and correct. The most obvious and simple solution, to accept both family systems as different but equal and both value systems as equally true and equally valid, often turns out to be (too) complicated.



Through Original Hellinger® Family Constellation these backgrounds come to light and solutions are possible. The partners find a common ground, a "basis for negotiation" by acknowledging their differences. The next step is to abandon some values, habits, views and wishes of the respective family tradition. In doing so, a balance has to be found, each partner has to give and demand the same in terms of values. This creates a new, sustainable family structure that provides the framework for a positive development of all family members.

Here Original Hellinger® Family Constellation gives support to the highest degree. Often it is even the prerequisite to start or to be able to take the next step.