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The Hellinger sciencia® Constellations by Bert and Sophie Hellinger are mediated through the Hellinger®schule and their lecturers in the training course for “Original Hellinger® Family Constellators“ worldwide. 

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Sophie Hellinger

Sophie Hellinger is Bert Hellinger’s wife. As a remarkable man he has a remarkable woman at his side. Only as such she can fulfill, complete and amplify him.

The mutually fecundate themselves and research into new borders and dimension together as well as individually. They are always in the service of greater all-moving forces.

Sophie Hellinger is an extraordinary woman, wife, mother and grandmother. Her many sides and appearances make it difficult to describe her in words.

She has been active in the counseling area for already decades. The areas of application of the seminars conducted by Sophie Hellinger really have a unique characteristic.

The powerful and esteeming attention which the clients can experience with her, create confidence in life itself.

The people able to surrender to her know how to appreciate her abilities and her open manner, which is very direct and clear. In each case she takes people to their light and shadow side - their integrity, which is often experienced as something like an earthquake. It is an extraordinary event which shows connections that go deeper and beyond the limited mental imagination.

She easily transcends barriers and leads into levels of solutions which are alienated from common consciousness, although they make one take notice.

Her knowledge and skill extend from professional career movements to topics on heath, be it psychic or physical, and many other areas of life, as well as passed ones.

Through her unique gift, strengthened by her always present interest and openness, paired with experience and enormous knowledge, Sophie Hellinger disposes of an almost eerie-like divination in relation to spiritual, physical and inter-personal suffering. Thus she is able to constantly show us an image which allows and provides inner and external growth within a safe context. To what she connects her potential or from what source she takes her energy is kept hidden to the spectator. It often resembles magic.

Sophie Hellinger passes on her knowledge and skill with great love in the Family Constellation seminars as well as in the Cosmic Power®-seminars. In these courses the participants make contact with the cosmic energy which initiates, reinforces and accompanies a comprehensive and healing transformation process.

The seminars are conducted worldwide. Through Sophie Hellinger’s language skills (besides German and English she also speaks Spanish and Portuguese) it is guaranteed that the translations reach a peak of precision and efficiency from which people of all ages and with the most different biographies and destinies can profit.

Bert Hellinger himself says: "I often stand mesmerized, learning, observing and thankful next to her side."