Award for Bert Hellinger: Mind Award 2016

Bert Hellinger is one of the recipients of the MIND AWARD 2016!

The aim, meaning and purpose of the MIND AWARD is to promote education and the increase of knowledge as "tools" for the development of consciousness in a world that is growing together.

Bert and Sophie Hellinger
MIND AWARD - Special Award

Your message of love permeates all the orders of this world. You are committed to the innermost truth and in your tireless work you lead into the dimensions of the immeasurable.

Far beyond the areas of the human psyche that have been opened up to this point, you penetrate the individual soul in its capacity as a mediator from the physical to the spiritual and to transcendence. The recognized pioneers in the field of psychology find in you the courageous heirs who not only develop what is recognized, but are ready to take revolutionary paths in order to let as many people as possible share in the "love of the spirit". 

Thus you triumph over good and evil; unite where others divide. This is the basis for an open, free society. This is the science of love that transcends all boundaries. 

May your "School of Life Success" be used by open-minded people all over the world: For the good of the whole. You deserve to receive global recognition for your pioneering work in understanding the world soul and the individual soul, especially since this is an essential prerequisite for a lasting peace. You both deserve our heartfelt gratitude.

Ruppach-Goldhausen, 14 October 2016
Wolfgang Maiworm (Juror)
Achim Kunst (Initiator)
Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke (Juror)
Thomas Künne (Juror)

Presentation Mind Award:
Everything has arisen from consciousness

Peace, tranquillity, vibration, creativity, decisions. Ideologies and whole states with their educational systems originate from a corresponding consciousness. Yes, even in the physical world, everything was initially consciousness, since every machine, every bridge and every great structure exists first as an idea. Even the choice of profession is based on being aware of what one can and wants to do. Guiding principles in leadership and politics, current values in business and corporate culture with valuations in the monetary and financial system are effects. Or the knowledge and awareness of global and biological correlations. Last but not least, sport, art and culture are an expression of the respective (national) consciousness and zeitgeist. Especially in music, the consciousness of the respective generation, country and people shapes the individual style.
Achim Kunst, initiator

Solutions for tomorrow. Today!

Aims, meaning and purpose of the MIND AWARD are the promotion of education and the increase of knowledge as "tools" for the development of consciousness in a world that is growing together. For visions of human future and for projects that find ways and means to make knowledge available to mankind. Only (further) education and research beyond known boundaries enable the recognition of solutions and subsequently bring about contemporary approaches with global sustainability.

World premiere in a time of change: ​​​​​​ The MIND AWARD is the first international prize to honor people and actions of worldwide significance and scope for raising awareness. In addition, the MIND AWARD aims to enable synergies between business and society and thus promote progress and prosperity in all areas of life - specifically, to international culture and exchange in unity and peace. The MIND AWARD was presented for the first time on Friday, 10 December 2010.