Legal system

Especially for judges, lawyers, mediators and judicial officials

How through Family Constellation new ways can be found so that legal proceedings do not drag on for years and in the end there are only losers.

In this area of application we research and work on transferring and adapting the basics of Family Constellation work to the requirements of legal practice.


Experience to date shows that by constellations (prior to litigation) a large number of proceedings can already be resolved out of court. Conflicts are resolved with mutual consent and a reconciliation of interests is agreed upon, which the conflicting parties adhere to even weeks or months later.

Central issues of the legal system such as,

  • To be right and to be proven right
  • Guilt and innocence
  • Perpetrators and victims
  • Revenge and remorse
  • appropriate penalties and mitigating circumstances
  • Inflexibility and insight
  • Accident or intention
  • calculating planning and unfortunate circumstances

are looked at, evaluated and grasped in a new way through constellation work and can be explored in their depth, always in relation to the individual case.


showing the potential of constellations for all fields of law and make it usable. For solutions in negotiations and to identify further necessary steps.

The a goal is to dedicate more attention to an intergenerational "perpetrator" consideration as an effective influencing factor in conflicts and thus to find new approaches to solutions, as in the following cases:

Family Law

To recognize the crisis of the parents and find a solution together with them. In the event of separation, make arrangements for the obligations of contact, custody and alimony. Behind a superficial issue there are encrypted, displaced and hidden conflicts.

Property and inheritance disputes

Advice and reconciliation in inheritance and succession, in the division of an estate or in inheritance disputes within the community of heirs.

Criminal Law

Finding the appropriate sentence. Considering the danger posed by the perpetrator.

Perpetrator-Victim Balance

Recognizing dynamics, agreeing to the injuries, determining balance.

Conflict Mediation

To elaborate the perspectives of the parties involved.

The impressive images of constellations enable a broader perception of the conflict issues. They show the parties involved a common path to a solution.

The increased use of the above-mentioned possibilities facilitates the work and helps the members of the entire profession to remain mentally and physically healthy despite this difficult and demanding work.

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