“Your inner core strength”  International Days with Sophie Hellinger ONLINE
Lecturer: Sophie Hellinger
City: Live-Stream
Country: Germany
Start: 02.10.2020
End: 04.10.2020
Course language: english, spanish, italian, russian, german, portuguese
Price: 750 €
Where does the journey go?

Every person is unique.

Sooner or later questions arise for each of us:
What do I want?
Who am I really?
What is my purpose in life?
How can I be happy?
How can I lead a fulfilled life?
And still live my individuality?

As soon as we search for answers to these questions, we will soon realize that there is never a stop. Because to stop is to die.
Thus, we are constantly facing new challenges.
None of this is new to us, because from the very first moment of our existence life teaches and forces us to move.

The motto is: to move on, solve and clarify.
Because life only moves forward.
Every look into the past leads to stagnation and this in turn leads to resignation.

The required movements are development and expansion.
Nothing is worse than stagnation. By working on body, mind and well-being, a personal development inevitably takes place, which leads us into other depths, feelings and emotions.

Sophie Hellinger facilitates constellations and numerous exercises with the seminar participants on this topic. The path leads into an inner movement, which we can then call our source. It is a source of love and happiness.

Through numerous experiences we find the connection to our center.
Whoever has found this center and remains connected to it, draws from an infinite source of being and the ego-identity begins to dissolve.

The participant feels strengthened, calmer and relaxed. It is now possible to perceive life from a different perspective.
A wonderful serenity flows through us and we are able to feel a special kind of love towards everything.
Everything is right the way it is.
Then no one needs to lift a finger and point at someone else anymore.

We have found a new way to deal with our fellow human beings, within the family, in professional life, in relationships in general and also in dealing with problems.

The essence is more serenity, success and happiness in life.

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