Seminar with Sophie Hellinger 
"Me and my Strength"
Lecturer: Sophie Hellinger
City: Bad Reichenhall
Country: Germany
Start: 10.12.2020
End: 13.12.2020
Course language: german, english, italian
Price: 800 €
Mother, source of life - Am I aware of this?

A big question is: How do I find the source of my power?

There is no doubt that in every human being this unique source exists from the very first moment of life. But how many people are really aware of this fact? Therefore, the first step towards "power" is to reflect on one's own origin and ask oneself the question: Where do I come from?

No human being can claim to have originated from themselves. The sources of our own origin are and remain our mother and father. Unfortunately, this is often forgotten by many, or the consequences of this fact are denied for inexplicable reasons.

But the whole truth is that we grew up in our mother's womb for nine months, had an intimate relationship with her and needed her care for many years afterwards.
For various reasons this is often forgotten and not acknowledged later in life. If we were fully aware of the consequences of this, we would immediately realize that we cannot remain in denial and rejection towards our mother. Instead, there would be room for gratitude and acknowledgement.

For many people, it is dramatic and traumatic to begin and experience this path back to the origin of our life, to our mother in the right posture.

But only with her you are strong and find your footing, your place, your strength, your health, your center, your success and your love in life.

This seminar is also part of the training to become an Original Hellinger® Family Constellator and is especially dedicated to the important topic "Mother".

You can find a current video by Sophie Hellinger on the topic "Me and my Strenght" here:

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