ONLINE-Seminar with Sophie Hellinger "Family Constellation"
Lecturer: Sophie Hellinger
City: Live-Stream
Country: Germany
Start: 08.05.2021
End: 08.05.2021
Course language: German, English, Russian, Chinese,
Price: 80 €
Original Hellinger® Familienstellen will lead you to realize that it is never too late for a happy life.

Everyone lives, privately and professionally, ALWAYS in relationships. The family is the basis for every human being. Whoever wants to find their right place and purpose in life must know the basic life principles or"Orders of Love", which were discovered by Bert Hellinger, and integrate them into their lives. The Orders of Love are universal laws of life, independent of skin colour, culture and religion. They are the basis for the success in life on all levels.

Original Hellinger® Family Constellation leads to the realization that it is never too late for a happy life. For every person there is only one right place in the family, and that is their own place. Once you have found and taken this place, a new perspective opens up, which makes you capable of taking action.

Seminar times:
09:00 - 12:00

by Zoom
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Additional information:

Technical requirements:
❏ Smartphone/PC/Laptop
❏ A functioning videocam
❏ Speakers, headphones (we recommend headphones for better understanding of the translation channel and for reducing background noise while asking questions or giving feedback during the seminar)
❏ A stable internet connection (we recommend the use of a cable to connect to your internet)
❏ Download ZOOM
❏ Create an account on ZOOM (use the same email you used to register for the seminar)
❏ If you already have an account, please make sure you use the LATEST VERSION of ZOOM
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Schedule (CET / UTC + 2 / GMT + 2)
Please note the time zone and possible deviations! If you are currently in a different time zone, please calculate the seminar times according to your local time.

The Zoom room will be open 30 minutes before each session to allow all participants to check their equipment and get support if needed.

Communication with the seminar room:
Online participants WILL HAVE an opportunity to ask Sophie a question, share a feedback and even get a constellation!
When Sophie will be referring to the online audience, please raise your hand (physically). Sophie will pick a person, and their microphone will be activated. You will be able to ask a question in your mother tongue which will be translated by the interpreter.

Technical support during the seminar:
Telegram/Whatasapp/Wechat (in English or Russian)

To attend on-site, register here:

4 credit hours

Contact Hellinger®schule Germany:
Tel +49 8652 656465