International Hellinger® Days

Original Hellinger® Family Constellation by Bert and Sophie Hellinger in Bad Reichenhall/Germany.

Sophie Hellinger and the teachers of the Hellinger®schule will guide you through the program of the largest international seminar series in Family Constellation. Every year, participants from over 40 countries are hosted. This is the spiritual center of the continuous evolution of Family Constellation. The place where the latest research insights are presented and applied!

Each participant becomes co-creator and member of a unique atmosphere, a special unity. A multicultural field of inner growth that everyone can feel and experience. 

At the source you will learn about the current status of Familienstellen. Surprising relationships to initially unfamiliar areas are created. Synergies in different areas of natural science can thus be used, which in turn lead to previously unattained and unimaginable change processes.

Together we experience this multidimensional field through active and passive constellations as well as meditations and exercises. We receive theoretical and practical advice as well as suggestions for the application of the Original Hellinger® Familienstellen in professional and private everyday life.

The Hellinger®schule and all teachers cordially invite you to these intensive days in Bad Reichenhall! 

What is established encounters the new

  • the movement of continuous development
  • international participants create a unique field of experience  
  • •Focus on the essential 

Translation into at least 6 languages

  • Chinese
  • English
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish