The seminars of the Hellinger®schule now

The Corona pandemic has changed a lot and inevitably also our range of seminars.
In response to the current requirements regarding hygiene measures, minimum distance and limited number of persons, we now offer our seminars in a new dimension of "space" in the conscious tension between proximity and distance.  

Our seminar room with its 200m2 offers the ideal conditions for experiencing vastness, space, freedom and closeness. At the same time it guarantees the necessary distance from person to person. These specifications allow a new, different and more intensive view of the person opposite and of the interaction. Despite the distance, the constellation reaches its goal and finds contact in the person opposite. This ensures a greater distance, which is important to let in with feeling, awareness and precision into one's own body sensation. The established connection is created by the own emotions over the whole field. 
The own frequency increases, which in turn inevitably finds its resonance through looking and facial expressions in the opposite. It is necessary to expose oneself to this in order to track down and perceive the invisible secret connections of the entanglements via frequencies.
Through this new way of constellation work, we can all enter into another field of solutions. 
This creates the conditions for the necessary and desired clarity to be achieved by the person doing the constellation and for the desired impulse for change to take place.

 There are no limits for the fields of Familienstellen. 
They work across distance, age and space.
Through centered collection and strong focussing we become more receptive to the energy field that has built up and which directly affects our body and mind.

The perceived physical emotions ultimately lead to new insights and changes.

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