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The Hellinger sciencia® Constellations by Bert and Sophie Hellinger are mediated through the Hellinger®schule and their lecturers in the training course for “Original Hellinger® Family Constellators“ worldwide. 

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Healing through integration

Talk by Sophie Hellinger in Mexico, August 2014

We are everything: our present, the past and already the future. Our physical memory reaches far beyond our body. 

A renown physician and friend of mine said about a month ago:


The latest insight in medical science is:

Chronic diseases and pains that appear frequently cannot be healed as long

as the past lives are not integrated.

It is an enormous progress in medicine acknowledging that.

We often are helpless. Sometimes healing can happen by integrating former lives. In her case (a client who had shortly before worked with Sophie) we see: the shock is written in her face. That of another person. After a small intervention in her electromagnetic field she’s suddenly feeling well. This means that we carry our history with us all the time.

We are able through our consciousness to exit events of the past….with the help and support by another person.

When we open the other field and both fields contact, they flow into each other. In these fields a constellation can succeed for the benefit of the client. This constellation then also becomes a blessing for others who have preceded us. They are not just “somewhere else”.

Maybe they were already reborn or they come into a new life with the same problem. And we meddle around and find no solution. Because theres is no solution on this ordinary level!

The solution lies on another plane. Then it becomes a blessing for us in our current life and for our children - for all parties involved, for the partners and for the relationships that open up anew. Then maybe our dearest wish can be fulfilled, that we are loved the way we are and love without conditions or expectations. Then suddenly every person becomes beautiful and I no longer need to pity anyone.

Everyone has his or her own path and destiny. Everyone who searches will find.

The condition is: that we don’t want to “get rid” of anything anymore.  Instead of wanting to “get rid” of something, we take it in. Integration instead of exclusion.

Thus we can become loving mothers without great expectiation towards our children.

And our men no longer need to have expectations towards us – neither we towards them.


We give!

We love!

We do what we can!