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“Couple relationship”-Seminar with Sophie Hellinger

Lecturer Sophie Hellinger
City Bad Reichenhall
Country Germany
Start 04.10.2019
End 04.10.2019
Course language german, english, spanish, portuguese, italian, russian, chinese
Price 230 EUR
“Couple relationship”-Seminar with Sophie Hellinger
Couple relationship-Seminar with Sophie Hellinger
How love succeeds

Most people go into a couple relationship with illusions.
The illusion of having finally found what one has always longed for.
The illusion of finally being loved as we are.
The illusion that the other person thinks the same way we do, has the same values, the same views, the same desires, the same ideas and fantasies.
After the intoxicating time of the first infatuation, everyday life returns to the relationship. Suddenly we realize that not all that glitters is gold. Our partner is not our identical twin. We painfully experience that 2 hearts are also 2 people who were independently shaped in their childhood and are integrated into the fates of their family of origin.
Since we want to avoid the agony of this realization, we withdraw from our partner. We no longer live together, but side by side. Our conversations and discussions remain without solution or, depending on our temperament, even end in conflict. Mosquitoes become elephants, small stumbling blocks become insurmountable walls. We don't feel seen or loved, our partner has the same feeling. Thus none of us can take the important first step to solve the problems. The end result is often a separation in which there are only injured and losers.
This process seems fateful and inevitable. BUT: it only happens because we went into this couple relationship with very special ideas and wishes. The hope for the fullfillment of our desires came to an abrupt end. So it seems natural to us that love must also end with this.

But this is a wrong conclusion. The love that once was never dies.

In this course Sophie Hellinger will show you how to uncover the buried love again. Take the next step with courage, trust and strength! If you can look at your partner again without judgement and neutrally, you will find that they are still the same as at that time, when you felt magically attracted by them.
Love is … vour hands, two hearts, one rhythm!

Seminar times:
10:00 - 13:00 + 16:00 - 19:00

Kurgastzentrum Bad Reichenhall
Wittelsbacherstr. 15
83435 Bad Reichenhall

Additional information:
Tel.: 0049 8652 656465

Credit hours: 8

Seminar fee: € 230,-

Comfort PLUS:
When booking this seminar
AND the Hellinger Camp (Oct. 05 -09) a Comfort Plus Upgrade is available. Please write your upgrade request in the commentary field during your registration.

Package 1: Couples Relationship Oct. 4 , regular price: € 230,- plus Hellinger Camp. Oct. 05 – 09, regular price: € 1.090,-
Comfort Plus Upgrade - Package 1: € 1990,-

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