Learning with Bert and Sophie Hellinger

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Together we are strong!

The teachers of the Hellinger®schule work in deep unison with Bert Hellinger’s spirit and mind, closely with him and Sophie Hellinger. They pass on Hellinger Sciencia’s latest insights, together with their own longstanding experiences, to the seminar participants. As trainers, our teachers are the hallmark of quality constellation work.
They act and work in the service of constellation work, in service to our students and with the clients. Together with them we walk the path through the times of change and the new challenges ahead.
The Hellinger®schule offers, in collaboration with their trainers, a variety of further education opportunities – which are not only good for newcomers but also great for already practising facilitators. 

The school aims, through holistic comprehensive training & instruction, to secure new generations of facilitators, who will work according to, and following, Bert Hellinger’s spirit & mind approach.
We would like to thank our teachers for their great efforts and wonderful collaboration.



Sophie Hellinger


is Bert Hellinger’s wife. She has been active in the counseling area for already decades. 

The people able to surrender to her know how to appreciate her abilities and her open manner, which is very direct and clear. In each case she takes people to their light and shadow side - their integrity, which is often experienced as something like an earthquake. It is an extraordinary event which shows connections that go deeper and beyond the limited mental imagination.

Her knowledge and skill extend from professional career movements to topics on heath, be it psychic or physical, and many other areas of life, as well as passed ones.

Through her unique gift, strengthened by her always present interest and openness, paired with experience and enormous knowledge, Sophie Hellinger disposes of an almost eerie-like divination in relation to spiritual, physical and inter-personal suffering. 

Thus she is able to constantly show us an image which allows and provides inner and external growth within a safe context. 

Sophie Hellinger passes on her knowledge and skill with great love in the Family Constellation seminars as well as in the Cosmic Power®-seminars. 

Wolfgang Deußer


Born 1955, married, father of 5 children.
Diploma in Social Work and Studies in Pedagogy, Philosophy and Psychology in Bamberg, Mainz, Frankfurt and Darmstadt.
Professional work in education consultancy, psychiatry, Youth Aid work and as a trainer in Adult Education. Own practice ince 1998.
Systemic Therapist (SG,Berlin) and Supervisor (IGST, Heidelberg).
Further education in client orientated psychotherapy, NLP, energetic psychology and trauma therapy. Certificate holder from European Psychotherapy Association (EAP)
Family constellation facilitator since 1995 and family constellation trainer since 2000 Institute and Practice for Systemic Therapy, Supervision and Further Education, Darmstadt, Director , refer website: www.familienaufstellung.net

Bert Hellinger has helped me and my family greatly with his work, for each of them to find their own centre. I thank him from the heart and am very happy to be able to pass on this work to others.

Gerhard Walper


Born 1956, married
- qualified educator, body psychotherapist, system therapist
- Study of qualified Pedagogy, Psychology, Sociology
- Leaders of seminars and further education at home and abroad Member of the DGfS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemaufstellungen), representing the Hesse region
- recommended on the list of qualified instructors of DGfS Director of the "Taunus-Institut für Systemaufstellungen" after working in adult education and youth work followed
- Education and training in body psychotherapy (bioenergetics, rebirthing, holotropic breathing) with Albert Bedersdorfer and Ellen Hildenbrand.
- 1988 Opening office as a body psychotherapist
- 1990 - 1996 various trainings and trainings in family positions, especially with Bert Hellinger and Jakob Schneider as well as in the organization site with Gunthard Weber
Since 1992, directing seminars with family offices for individuals, couples and the sick, parents and children
Since 1997 co-operation with Bert Hellinger (organization of supervisory seminars, trainings and conferences)
Since 1998, he has been working in the training and supervision of psychologists, physicians, social workers, educators, organizing consultants at home and abroad
Since 2004 Training in trauma therapy at Peter Levine / USA ("Somatic Experiencing")
- Supervisor of counseling centers, social-educational institutions, clinics and organizational consultants
- regional spokesman of the system exhibitors in Hesse and organizer of regional meetings, head of the regional group Hessen

Joël Weser


Born 30.1.49, married and father of two wonderful children. I went from ‘working with my hands’ to working from my heart’, to working with and supporting people on their life’s path and then in further education aimed at those in helping professions and in management roles thereof. My coming together with Bert Hellinger, experiencing his presence and way of working has had a ‘foundation – laying’ impression on me and these evolvements in connection with him seem to have no end.
My work today involves the development of ‘presence’, as a phenemonolgical stance for a wide encompassing ‘being’, for people working in helping professions, areas of consultancy and professional leadership roles

My educational background:
Master in Carpentry/joinery, social worker, gestalt therapist, systemic constellation facilitator, martial artist, establishment of ‘KiKG® (Ki-Body and Gestalt Work) - his ‘PrEssenz’ way of working, refer website: www.joel-weser.de

Angelica Olvera


Quantum physics, relativity theory, and family sites
Transformation of the educational paradigm

Lic. Angelica Olvera García, completed studies in mathematics, quantum physics and chemistry. Executive Director for the academic research of the CUDEC Group Mexico.

Bert Hellinger's findings are used daily in the teaching program of the "Hellingerian" educational center CUDEC. CUDEC is the abbreviation of the University Center Dr. Emilio Cárdenas. The center includes preschool, elementary school, secondary, upper level, university with 12 specializations.

Mrs. Olvera has deciphered the connections between the orders of the love of Bert Hellinger and the prerequisites for sustainable success and integrated them into the curriculum.

A significant and further growing influence on the student's success is achieved by their research results, which are applied in the field of systemic pedagogy and the psychology of systems.

In her lecture and with many demonstrations she shows how one can apply the findings of Bert Hellinger from the perspective of quantum physics, which are overlapping with relativity. Convincingly, it also presents the exchange of linearity with the absence of it, and the effect which it has on individuals, on families, and the development of children and school.

Thomas Wittig


Thomas Wittig is a systemic constellation facilitator and lecturer at the Hellinger®schule. 

Since the year 2001 he enjoyed the work and training by Bert and Sophie Hellinger and by the lecturers of the Hellinger®schule.

Diplôme Constellations Familiales et Systemiques “cum laude”, Université Européenne Jean Monnet, UEJM, Bruxelles, Belgium and Hellinger®schule.

Thomas’ focus area is in the constellations and dynamics of organizations and social systems. He works, lectures and publishes in this area. The topics include Dynamics of Innovation and Renewal, Succession Dynamics, Professional Choice and Development, Leadership, and the Connection with Ancestors.  

Born 1964. Father of a daughter. Thomas lived and worked in Germany, USA, Czech Republic and Switzerland. Thomas speaks German, English and has a basic understanding of Spanish, Italian, and French. 

Maria Grazia Tizzi


Nationality  Italian    
Date of birth  17/08/1947 

PROFESSION from 2010   


2017    Since 2005, 1,737 hours of continuing education at the Hellinger®schule. 
2017    Specialization course in Business Constellations at the Hellinger®schule, five modules, 231 hours of training 
2011    Energy seminar to enhance perception with Sophie Hellinger, 20 hours of training