Hellinger sciencia® Diploma

The Hellinger®schule graduates with a Hellinger sciencia® diploma


Constant continued training at the Hellinger®schule

New Family Constellation with Bert and Sophie Hellinger
is constantly developing. The designation “Constant continued training” is attributed to graduated constellators who visit a seminar of the Hellinger®schule at least once a year to assure that their knowledge and abilities are up to date.


Super VISION according to Hellinger sciencia®

“Super VISION according to Hellinger sciencia®
distinguishes the constellators who have participated in  
Supervision Seminars* of the  Hellinger®schule.
A special continued training program is offered in the Supervision Seminars to experienced constellators. 


Hellinger membership

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Hellinger® Constellator List worldwide

Who can be registered in the Constellator List?
Every person is welcome on this list! 

General condition: active Hellinger® membership


Point 1. Graduation with a diploma of the 


Our graduate constellators receive package 1 for free, as long as they fulfill the mentioned conditions


Point 2. In training at the Hellinger®schule with a report of personally facilitated constellation work within the last three years 


Point 3. Having already attended at least the following three seminars:

- Hellinger® Camp
- Life Basis Seminar
- Supervision Seminar 

and active as constellator und als Aufsteller tätig 

(with a report of personally facilitated constellation work within the last three years) 


Point 4. Many years of experience with Family Constellation according to 

Bert and Sophie Hellinger.

Please formulate a request for admission on the Constellator List to office@hellinger.com


Conditions for remaining on the Constellator List 

• active Hellinger® membership
• the yearly attendance of at least of of the following seminars: 
   Hellinger® Camp, Life Basis Seminar or Supervision Seminar