Hellinger sciencia® Diploma

The Hellinger®schule graduates with a Hellinger sciencia® diploma


Constant continued training at the Hellinger®schule

New Family Constellation with Bert and Sophie Hellinger
is constantly developing. The designation “Constant continued training” is attributed to graduated constellators who visit a seminar of the Hellinger®schule at least once a year to assure that their knowledge and abilities are up to date.


Super VISION according to Hellinger sciencia®

“Super VISION according to Hellinger sciencia®
distinguishes the constellators who have participated in  
Supervision Seminars* of the  Hellinger®schule.
A special continued training program is offered in the Supervision Seminars to experienced constellators. 


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What should you observe when searching for a constellator ?

Learning from constellations requires a personal growth process as well as a practical learning path. That means one does not learn it “academically”, through rational thinking. There are of course principles, which were discovered by Bert Hellinger, and they are to be acquired. Yet the essential point is the readiness to an impartial experience. Bert Hellinger calls this the “phenomenological posture”. This means we expose ourselves to reality the way it shows itself and, in a way, let it “speak to us”.

In this way we frequently come into contact with hidden contexts from which emanates a healing effect.

A constellator should begin the work unbiased and with respect for these forces, and be able to show acknowledgement for everything that appears.     The solution happens through integration. The constellation facilitator helps the client to overcome his or her rejection, by giving what has been rejected a place in his or her own heart. This way the facilitator opens a gate through which the client, if he/she is ready, can pass through.


What is a Family Constellation?

 A Family Constellation gives us an image of the relationships within our family, where the frequent separation between the worlds of the living and the dead disappears. That means we experience our relationships in a timeless space through our relatives’ representatives, who move according to their received impulses.

Thus we can learn if each one is seen and accepted in his or her personality, so that they receive their place that befits them within the family system, and it is given to them through others and ourselves.

What often appears is that there is something to be done: an appreciation, a participation in difficult life circumstances, and an approach to the fateful events in our family of origin.

This participation connects us and also liberates us for our own movement.

It leads from the blind, tied and entangled love towards an aware and respectful connection. 

What is a Family Constellation for?  

The goal of a Family Constellation is firstly an approach towards the completeness of a system. This means we venture on a journey of discovery towards our ancestors and forgotten or excluded members of our family and take them into our space of the soul and the spirit.

Bert Hellinger researched who belongs to a system and in what way theses forgotten ones manifest themselves.

To answer the question of identity “who am I?” we must assure ourselves of our belonging: “Where do I come from, where do I belong?”.

These are the inner circles of belonging, from which we grow further outward into ever growing contexts: the connection to the countries of our ancestors, and finally our own place in the evolutionary history of life.

On this journey the constellations are a trustworthy companion for us, since they constantly show us the direction within the context of a joint group experience.

Each one can only walk this path individually. We cannot take this task from anyone. 

It leads us into an ever-growing consciousness and has a healing effect on body, soul and spirit. 


What should you know about group constellations? 

The group forms a very powerful force field, in which also big and intense movements are possible, which would overstrain a smaller context.

Inner solving movements take place in a group: through the representation of others that enable completely new experiences, through sharing experience, in which related personal issues come into resonance and are transferred into an inner movement, through the cooperation in small constellations related to existential issues that happen in pairs or groups of three, and finally the direct constellation of a personal issue.

In a constellation group there are constantly new experiences on various levels, where the “personal constellation” has in no way a stronger or more lasting effect, as it is generally believed. The decisive point it to come into contact with the issues that come up during a seminar. In the end they concern us all and transmit us a completely new orientation. Each constellation seminar is thus in its own way a special training for life.