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The Hellinger sciencia® Constellations by Bert and Sophie Hellinger are mediated through the Hellinger®schule and their lecturers in the training course for “Hellinger sciencia® Constellators“ worldwide. All courses by Bert and Sophie Hellinger and the Hellinger®schule will be credited to the training course.

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Family constellation workshop - December 2017 - experience sharing

My name is Emily and I’m from Canada British Colombia, this is my first time at Hellinger’s family constellation workshop, but I have been to different spiritual workshops before in the past.

Bert Hellingers family constellation workshop was very different from my normal experiences. in the beginning, Bert Hellinger talked about dead people he saidlook at all the dead people behind you and you can see all of them, they are looking at you now. And I first saw a very clear white light in the very back of the workshop room.

Then I saw a whole bunch of clear white spirits souls at the top of the theatre we went, they were very calm and peaceful and I’ve never seen the clear spirits before, I usually saw golden or black spirits. Gold usually be good and Black would be kind of dark souls but I’ve never seen clear ones before ,they were not good or bad. There were a lot of them in the room, they almost filled up the theatre room.

After I saw the clear spirits, they came down to the people to cleanse their dark souls attached to them, but some people have more heavy big spirits so they couldn’t clean everything out but they clean as much as they could for everyone, and some people coughed and I heard a lot of people coughed during the process, and I think it’s because they had very big dark spirits attached to them and the clear souls got rid of it and they have to get it out physically instead of spiritually only.

When I saw these clear spirits I feel very calm and kind of neutral. When I usually see gold spirits I feel very happy because they’re good but when I see dark and black ones I usually get headaches and I don’t feel very good. But when I saw the clear ones I found very calm and still, very peaceful, and I usually dont feel that when I saw spirits

All of the spirits listen to Bert Hellinger very well, when he said what do you feel love and What do you think love is, all the spirits turn pink and they started to spread love to everyone, so I feel the love is everywhere since all the spirits are giving out love.

They didn’t stay pink for a long time, after a few minutes, they went back to clear and I felt the room become very still. also during workshop I usually see big souls, they are always gold and big. And I saw a big one in the back on the right hand beside the tree.

And they are also giving all the golden light to everyone so while people were getting they were also getting gold light from them. During the family constellation, I learned a lot from every different one, the one I related to the most was the one that the girl, the student came up who has the broken hand, and Sophie asked what happened to your hand and she said she broke it and Sophie asked how, she said she felled, Sophie asked her what happened before that date, did she have any fight or conflicts with other people and she said: yes, I had a fight with a different classmate and then she came on the stage and I could see they are very uncomfortable with each other‘s presence.

And Sophie understood that it’s the conflict made her hand break, she said since you had that fight you feel very sad inside, so your body had to take the emotion out and put it in your hand, and that’s why her hands was broken. This related to me the most because I am in high school right now, and I see conflicts in my school every day. And I realize the one very small thing can build up into something much bigger, And I learn how energy from before can affect your life now and that’s why I like family constellation a lot.

And this experience made me very calm inside and very peaceful with myself. And after a few days of the workshop, I still feel the calmness inside me, and it has made me work better, since I am more calm in school. And this experience do makes me think more clear since I’m calm, I’m not rushing all the thoughts in my mind, so I’m very grateful for this experience and I am very happy that I participated Bert Hellinger’ family constellation workshop in Mexico, thank you!