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The Hellinger sciencia® Constellations by Bert and Sophie Hellinger are mediated through the Hellinger®schule and their lecturers in the training course for “Original Hellinger® Family Constellators“ worldwide. 

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Comfort Plus!

The recording of the Membership Evening is already online!

The opportunity to do so at the Seminar "What is good for the Soul" with  Dr. Rüdiger Rogoll from May 11 to May 13 in Bad Reichenhall.

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List of seminars Hellinger®schule 2018

Module 3: "The Mother"

01.08.2019 - 04.08.2019 Germany, Bad Reichenhall Wolfgang Deußer

Cosmic Power® with Sophie Hellinger

01.10.2019 - 03.10.2019 Germany, Bad Reichenhall Sophie Hellinger

Package 1 Comfort PLUS

04.10.2019 - 09.10.2019 Germany, Bad Reichenhall Sophie Hellinger