Sophie Hellinger

  • Founder and director of Hellinger®schule
  • Co-developer together with her husband Bert Hellinger of today's Original Hellinger® Family
  • Seminar facilitator – Author - Enterpreneur

Due to the many requests, which increased from year to year, regarding a training at the source to become a Hellinger Family Constellator, Sophie Hellinger founded the Hellinger®schule. In this school, students are taught the basic laws of life discovered by Bert Hellinger, the "Orders of Love" and today's Original Hellinger® Family Constellation. The curriculum is taught empirically in seminars, talks, lectures and constellations for all necessary life situations. Practice and supervision seminars complete the offer.


Talk by Sophie Hellinger in Mexico, August 2014

"We are everything: our present, the past and already the future. Our physical memory extends far beyond our body."

As an enormous progress in medicine, the following statement can be made considering many symptoms and diseases: 

Chronic illnesses and pain can often not be cured as long as the past lives are not taken into account.

Practice proves that sometimes healing can happen with the inclusion of past lives. With this client here, who has worked with me before, we see that the shock is still written all over her face, but it is that of another person. After a small intervention in her electromagnetic field she suddenly feels well again and is free of complaints. This means that we carry our history and often that of another person with us always and all the time. We ourselves, through the power of our consciousness, with the support and help of someone else, are able to step out of past events and fields.

When we are able to open another field and both fields touch each other, they flow into each other and overwrite each other. The result of such a constellation serves the well-being of the client, it then also becomes a blessing for those who were there before us. These dead are not just "somewhere".

Maybe they are reborn or they come into a new life with the same problem. Or they are stuck in our energy field and we cannot find a solution and healing because they cannot be found on the everyday level! The solution lies in another level, within our grasp. But who guides us there? If we can connect the levels, it will be a blessing for us in the body, in our present life and for our children, for all parties, even for existing and new relationships. Then perhaps even our most heartfelt desire to be loved as we are and to love without condition or expectation can be fulfilled. Then suddenly everyone becomes beautiful and I don't need to judge or pity anyone anymore.

Everyone has their own path and their own destiny. Everyone who searches will find.

We have understood that we do not want to "get rid of" anything. Instead, we take in what we are missing. The formula for success is: integration instead of exclusion. Recognition instead of rejection. In this way we can become loving mothers without having too great expectations of our children.
And our men need not have expectations of us - and we need not have expectations of them. We simply love them.

We give!
We love!

And we do what we can and are happy.

Short curriculum vitae

Counsellor of juvenile delinquents

Support for helpless people in inheritance disputes

Since the age of 23 years as a independent businesswoman active in the following areas:

  • Fashion and beauty
  • Real-estate
  • Property development
  • Interior design and decoration
  • Seminar house management
  • Health clinic, TCM and Ayurveda
  • Elementology and cooking
  • Exploration of alternative pathways from physical illness to mental health, all in the context: the human as a spiritual being.

In 2000: Foundation of the Hellinger®schule and further development of Family Constellation with her husband Bert Hellinger.